Our Mission

The Illuminators Educational Foundation provides College Scholarships to further the education of members and their families of the Illuminators, Western Association of Food Chains, and the California Grocers Association.


The Illuminators Educational Foundation values . . .

⬧ Education ⬧ Leadership ⬧ Loyalty ⬧ Commitment ⬧ Partnerships


⬧ Achieve Financial Stability to Maintain Scholarships ⬧ Increase Awareness of our Scholarships

⬧ Publicize Scholarship Recipients’ Success In Our In Industry

Educational Foundation 2021–2022
Officers & Board of Directors

Willie Crocker
Willie CrockerChairperson & CEO
Bimbo Bakeries USA
Dave Grosse
Dave GrosseVice Chairperson
the Performance Group
Rick Stevenson
Rick StevensonTreasurer
Shelly Trickel
Shelly TrickelSecretary
Ventura Foods

Board of Directors

Mary Crocker
Mary CrockerDirector
Heather DeLuca
Heather DeLucaDirector
Michael Ajemian
Michael AjemianDirector
Dave Dimond
Dave DimondDirector
Geoff Haskins
Geoff HaskinsDirector
Gary Pogue
Gary PogueDirector
Glen Roeper
Glen RoeperDirector


Vic Chiono
Vic ChionoAdvisor
Bob Kelly
Bob KellyAdvisor
Mickie Sharp
Mickie SharpAdvisor
Marlene Jones
Marlene JonesFoundation Administrator
Lisa Gundersen
Lisa GundersenDevelopment Coordinator

Scholarships Awarded

1985 through 1988 – ONE scholarship was awarded annually at $500 each year
1989 through 1994 – TWO scholarships were awarded
1995 – THREE scholarships were awarded, etc, etc . . .

2015 Scholarships
Total dollars awarded = $103,500

45 Individual Scholarships to Students this year!

2016 Scholarships
Total dollars awarded = $130,000

2017 Scholarships
Total dollars awarded = $135,000

2018 Scholarships
Total dollars awarded = $136,000

2019 Scholarship
Total dollars awarded = $152,500

2020 Scholarships
Total dollars awarded = $147,500

Total scholarships awarded through 2020: $1,002,000

Join over 200 Students who have Benefited from an IEF Scholarship!

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